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Cobi is a nationally ranked triathlete and co-owner of iRun.  He was also #1 in the world in his age group for triathlon.  A chronic, debilitating achilles tendonitis kept him from training and performing at his true capacity.  This gifted athlete came to my office ready to stop running, ready to have surgery and ready to give up his dream.  Fortunately, a successful platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injection, and rigorous adherence to a recovery protocol, brought him back to racing, and to winning.  Here are his words... "After trying virtually everything and spending thousands of dollars, I came across Dr Deben. What I am most impressed of is that not only she got me back to FAST running, she also delivered the steps one by one of the PRP treatment. Something hard to get why? Because is not effective to get the treatment done if the procedure doesn't deliver the following steps into the ultimate recovery. Dr. Deben did and I will be eternally grateful for that"  Cobi Morales.
Ankle pain/Elizabeth Soto Dr. Deben changed my life in the best possible way with her proper diagnosis and treatment. She accurately diagnosed that I needed surgery and told me that after a few months of recovery and therapy I would be able to go back to dance. I had my surgery a year ago and I'm so happy to say that I'm better than ever. Not only am I doing 2+ hours of daily exercise but a few days ago I became certified as a Zumba instructor. Thank you Dr. Deben, I will be forever thankful to you!
Elizabeth Soto
I have been spraining my ankles since childhood. As I aged I was on crutches at least once a year because of my ankles. When I got into my 40’s, I felt I was constantly walking on a sprained ankle. When I lived in New Mexico, I saw a specialist and they made leg braces for me which I wore for many years. As I saw more doctors, I was only being offered ankle fusions. I did not want to lose the motion of my ankle or mobility of my leg. I like to hike and do outdoor activities. So I just sufffered. I used a scooter at work and could barely walk. When I moved to Florida after retirement, a friend recommended Dr. Sophia Deben for a total ankle replacement. After six specialists, she was the only one that said ” if you don’t fix the foundation, the ankle replacement will fail .” My feet had been flat all my life and looked like pancakes. She offered me a total ankle replacement as a two-part surgery. The first part to fix my flatfoot. The second to put in the total ankle replacement. I do not even notice I have an artificial ankle. It’s superb. I have a new lease on life. I have no pain. I recently travelled to Arctic to see the Northern Lights. My ankle did not give me any trouble at all. She has gone on to fix my left foot as well. I am able to walk because of Dr. Deben. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a wonderful person and a great surgeon. She is always available to take my calls and see me when I need. And my feet are great!
Shelly Greenbaum
Meet Ana Cadreche, one of our many athletes!  Ana runs 80+ miles weekly and often places in her age group for marathon.  She is also a part-time triathlete and a full – time special education Teacher.  Ana suffered a stress fracture of her hip, requiring a large metal plate and screw implant to heal the fracture. We are now over two  years out, and Ana has won again!  She placed second overall in her age group in the A1A Full Marathon with an outstanding time of 3:11:05!  Here are some shots of her running and catching tape.  She was kind enough to share with Dr. Deben her first award on return to racing, 3rd place in the America the Beautiful race.  She dedicated it to the surgeon that got her back running.  Go Ana!!!
Ana Cadreche